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Generate up to 250 000 unique codes for free with our generator. If you need more codes, view our paid plans view our paid plans or send us a quote.

You can include uppercase, lowercase, digits, and special characters.
Prefix and suffix add extra characters beyond the code’s length.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is a random code generator?
A random code generator is a tool that creates unique, random sequences of characters according to specified criteria. Users can customize the length, characters used, and quantity of codes, as well as add prefixes or suffixes to each code.
How can I generate random codes using this service?
Simply select your preferences, including the length of the codes, the number of codes you need, the characters you want to include, and any prefix or suffix. Once you’ve set your preferences, click the generate button to create your random codes.
Is there a limit to the number of codes I can generate for free?
Yes, you can generate up to 250,000 codes for free. If you require more than 250,000 codes, you’ll need to opt for our paid service.
Are the generated codes guaranteed to be unique?
Our generator is designed to produce random and unique codes based on your selected parameters. However, the uniqueness can also depend on the length of the code and the characters used. For extremely large batches, ensure your settings are configured to maintain uniqueness.
Can I save the generated codes?
Yes, after generating the codes, you will have the option to download them in a CSV. Ensure you save the file immediately, as the codes are not stored on our server for security reasons.
Is there a way to regenerate the same batch of codes?
Due to the random nature of the generator, it’s not possible to regenerate the exact same batch of codes. We recommend saving your code batches immediately after generation.
What should I do if I need more than 250,000 codes?
If you require more than 250,000 codes, please explore our paid plans, which allow for larger quantities of code generation. Check our pricing page or contact our team for more information.
Is my data secure when using this code generator?
We prioritize your privacy and security. The codes are generated on-the-fly and are not stored on our servers, ensuring that only you have access to your generated content.

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